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This author is actually Harvard MBA graduate, which resonated with me as I always felt in the US that I am not enough educated with earning only my BBA. At the time, I was reading this book, I was already living in Europe and quit my corporate career as a project manager. At this position I was spending 80 hours/week writing mega scientific projects, basically working 7 days a week, lost all my friends, was not reading, was not exercising enough, not having fun with my family and the worst – my own financial situation was still average.

Reading this book made me realized that I was at this Harvard MBA executive trap and Neil has in this book a cool way of describing the buckets of time for Sleep, Work and Pleasure. You must read this book to understand this concept. You will also realize
that to stay happy, you don’t want to retire, I mean the wish most of the people have to
retire and do nothing. After I read the book,I promised to this author that I will never ever retire! I really don’t want to die like his high school teacher, who got a heart attack week after the social system made him to retire from the job he loved! In Czech the book is called Rovnice štěstí.

Download in English and get happier instantly: link

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